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Awards Night May 17, 2017
Blade S. wins Mr. Earnest Pruett!!!
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EPCOT Welding, Auto Service, Collision Repair and Drafting teamed up for the 1st...
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Brandon C. from Scottsboro High won 1st place in the SKILLS NATIONAL COMPETITION...
Brandon C. wins gold at 2012 Nationals
The Army visits EPCOT April 11th with a custom chopper from Orange County Choppers...
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Kelly, Candace, Mrs. Hilley, Brooke, Rachel, Kristin, Megan, Amber and Sara
Mr. McKenzie with Andrew G. who finished 2nd in the nation in Industrial Motor Controls in Summer 2011
Brandon C. from Mr. McKenzie's Industrial Maintenance Technology Class placed...
Brandon, Mr. McKenzie and Greg at Nationals
Three Health Science Technology students from EPCOT placed high enough in state...
The Earnest Pruett Center of Technology is so proud of all of our state competitors...
Mr. McKenzie and Greg M. (State Champion)
Please refer to this article for our winner details: HOSA STATE
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Earnest Pruett Center of Technology's HOSA group will travel to Calhoun Community...
2009-2010 HOSA Officers Volunteer at Cloverdale Manor Nursing Home